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17  “I WIll Call upon You” Congregational
18  “The Rock (I WIll Call upon the Lord)” Audio
23  “Drink Deeply the Water of Life (Psalm 23 verses)” Congregational
27  “You Are My Light” 2 prt. Choral
51  “Have Mercy on Me, O God” Congregational
51  “Secret Heart & Song of Deliverance” Congregational
51  “The Sacrifice Acceptable” Congregational
54  “Hear My Prayer, O God, Today” Congregational
66  “Fill the Earth with a Joyful Noise” Congregational
67  “Let the People Praise You, O God” Congregational
113  “Blessed Be the Name of Our God” Congregational
122  “Let Us Go to the House of the Lord (Psalm 122 verses)” Congregational
130  “Waiting for the Lord” Congregational
145  “Our God Is Gracious” SATB Choral
148  “Praise the Lord” Congregational